Colon Cleanse

The bowel absorbs toxins like chlorine, flouride, and other chemicals from "processed" water. Well water may contain heavy metals and parasites. Our continuous flow enema system uses water that has been filtered by carbon, ceramic, then magnetized, and finally, treated with ultra violet light to provide you with safe, clean, pre-warmed water.

Our colon cleanse unit has a water fan spray from both sides of the inner basin that controls foul odor and continually washes the solid debris. This allows an easy view of fecal matter through clear water, which settles at the bottom of the basin. After the cleanse, the domed unit can be lifted and the debris inspected, allowing removal for microscopic inspection or testing.

The device is compliant with the FDA regulations set forth for the industry, which includes the benefits of a cleanse prior to a colonoscopy or endoscopy. Colon cleanse is highly supportive for those with constipation complaints, low energy, skin issues or poor immunity.

This revolutionary colon cleanser is so easy to use and so comfortable; you can do it yourself! We provide the facility, equipment and supervision and you do the rest. For promoting colon health, schedule your colon cleanse today!

This device allows the client complete privacy, unless they need assistance!


Colon Cleanse Brochure