Far-Infared / Ozone Sauna


Skin is our largest detoxification organ. About 10% of toxins can move through the skin. Sweating is an excellent way to push toxins from the body. Far-Infrared Rays from the sauna penetrate the body approximately 11/2 inches and urges vasodilatation. Circulation is increased. Ozone is coupled with this therapy to increase the body's oxygen level. Reportedly, in a 30 minute session, body core temperature can raise 1-3 degrees and one can burn up to 900 calories. Consider Ozone/Sauna Treatment if you have complaints of slow metabolism, cardio complaints and low immunity. Our Far-Infrared/Ozone Sauna assists the body with weight loss.

Please see attached brochure for more information: Far-Infrared / Ozone Sauna