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A Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber is a pressurized chamber used to administer oxygen at elevated pressure. There 2 types of chambers - monoplace and multiplace  The main differences are in chamber size, number of occupants, and how oxygen can be delivered. Monoplace chambers are single-person chambers that are pressurized with 100% oxygen from which the patient breathes directly. Multiplace chambers are able to hold two or more persons. Multiplace chambers are pressurized with compressed air while patients breathe 100% oxygen through a mask or hood.

What is the difference between hard and soft chambers? 
Soft chambers are not as effective for some indications. Soft chambers are only approved by the FDA for altitude sickness. Our hard-shell chambers are hospital grade and are FDA approved for 15 indications. Soft chambers are not approved for use with oxygen. If someone uses oxygen in a mild chamber it's typically only 30% to 40% with a maximum pressure of 1.3 Atmospheres. It is possible to force the pressure to 1.5 ATA, but doing is illegally uses oxygen. Our chamber  uses 100% oxygen with up to 3ATA of pressure. Higher pressure and more oxygen are more therapeutic for most indications.

What type of chambers does Hurley Wellness Center use? 
We operate the Fortius 420 Hyperbaric Chamber, manufactured by Oxyhealth, for our hyperbaric therapy sessions. This Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber provides an alternative modality to work with a broad range of hyperbaric indications - without the usual contraindications of expensive treatments and complicated operation. Our chamber measures a generous three and one half feet wide by over seven feet and is comfortable for two people. Four viewing windows illuminate the chamber and allow for patient / provider interaction. Unlike many of the other chambers on the market today, the Fortius 420 provides 100% oxygen at pressure to the patient, greatly increasing the effectiveness of the hyperbaric therapy session.

What does a treatment feel like? 
You may choose to sit or lie comfortably within the chamber.  Our patients watch DVD’s, listen to music, or read a favorite book. Children may bring certain approved toys into the chamber. Typical sessions last for 1 to 2 hours, beginning with a 10 minute pressurization phase and ending with a 10 minute decompression phase. At the start of the treatment, some patients experience a sensation similar to that felt while flying and/or landing in an airplane. As the pressure builds, it is common to feel pressure in the ears. At the end of the treatment, as the pressure is released, the ears will "pop" automatically.