Live-Cell & Dry Cell Blood Analysis

I use darkfield microscopy to do Live and Dry-Cell Blood analysis. According to Gray's Anatomy, "The examination of blood cells show that numbers, proportions, and structures of different cell types are indications of pathological changes in the body." Blood consists of plasma and three groups of formed elements: red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.

The four blood types are: O, A, B. and AB. Blood cells and other types of cells have specific antigens on the surface of the cell. Antigens react with other substances which give rejection-reactions and cause blood and other fluids in the body to clump. This clumping or thickening is called "Agglutination". Blood type antigens react with proteins in food called lectins. Almost all "living" things on this earth have some type of protein in it. Your blood type determines how your body will react not only with blood transfusions and organ transplants, but with your food as well.