Most of you are aware that the wellness healthcare field has brought many old and new modalities to the forefront of the public's and orthodox medical practitioners' view. People are becoming increasingly frustrated with the "quick" service and "quick" fix attitudes that allopathic medicine offers. People are dying daily from the use of prescription medications and unnecessary surgeries. , while nutrients in foods continue to be banned from the people in America. In the past decade, I have seen startling evidence that modern medicine is continually accepted with little to no resistance from people. More responsibility is placed upon doctors to "save" us from ourselves and from our self- condemning lifestyles than ever before. My role in all of the madness that ensues from FDA control and the continued genetic modification of our food is to be a wellness health care provider that encourages, no...requires the person to accept the responsibility for their own health and happiness.

It is my job and privilege to be a wellness health care provider and educator and through the education that I provide others with, inspire them to seek out "whole body support" for a balanced life.

As a Certified Traditional Naturopath, I do not diagnose nor treat disease ....nor direct people away from orthodox physician's care, prescribe drugs, administer surgery or direct people away from orthodox physician's care. I do, however educate them about the drugs, surgeries, treatments, and therapies that their doctor has prescribed for them. With better understanding and increased knowledge of all the particulars that pertain to them, they can seek out the best care available from all avenues of complementary care options.

Knowing what is unique about each person is crucial for any protocol. This is known as"bio-individual medicine". For this reason, functional medicine has become increasingly important to determine one's individual wellness health care needs.

It is my choice not to treat symptoms, which maybe construed as practicing medicine. This is defined as diagnosing "disease", administering surgery, or prescribing pharmaceutical drugs. In my opinion, many practitioners simply exchange the use of a pharmaceutical drug with a nutritional supplement and continue to treat symptoms. The body should be looked upon as a "whole"; and treated as a "whole". For this reason I do not believe optimal health will be achieved nor maintained by piecework. I treat people! If I treat the body with all its many systems and the person's complaints go away, I did not "CURE" their disease. "NATURE did." I simply assisted the structure of their body so that it could function optimally. I truly wish you Health and Harmony! Blessed Be!

Dr. Lora Hurley, ND, CTN, CPT

  • ANCB Board Certified Traditional Naturopath
  • ASPCT Board Certified Phlebotomist
  • Certified Clinical Microscopy
  • Certified Live-Blood Cell Analysis
  • Certified Lymphatic Tissue Detoxification
  • LBG (Vodder & Retrograde Flow MLD)
  • Certified Brimhall Wellness Clinician