Psychological & Emotional Reprogramming

Your nervous system was there before you were you.  Your conscious mind and subconscious mind are “divisions” of the nervous system.  If you “think” a thought, you are using your conscious brain. If you “feel” an emotion, you are using your sub-conscious brain.  Once thought or felt, the thought or feeling has now become matter and matter cannot be destroyed, but it can be changed.

Our conscious mind brings about 40 environmental signals per second into the body’s awareness.  The sub-conscious mind brings in excess of 200,000 environmental signals per second.  Originally, we develop our “perceptions from our parents’ behavior and our surrounding environment.  “Learned perceptions” are not always accurate.  Self-limiting belief systems originate this way and can override basic survival instincts.  The goal is to get the body to make its’ actions based on thoughts (consciousness) instead of feelings (sub-consciousness).  Example:  if the action needed were to cross a busy street, using a thought, one would wait for traffic to pass.  If using a feeling (sub-consciousness), seeing a small puppy run into traffic would cause you to follow.  The feeling based action could get you hurt or killed-hence the saying: “think before you act”.  These therapies help to remove self-limiting belief systems.

Many ways to re-write script for our emotions or feelings:

  • Color
  • Sound-Biosonic Repatterning (John Beaulieu)
  • Ocular Release
  • Shock Release
  • Laser
  • Positive Point Therapy
  • 5 Minute Phobia Cure
  • 7 Deadly Fears
  • Flower Remedies
  • Guided Imagery
  • Neuro-Associative Conditioning