I have been a patient of Dr. Hurley's for about 3 years now and my husband is also a patient of Dr. Hurley's.  I originally saw Dr. Hurley because of an extreme drop in my white blood cell count.  I was exhausted to the point of wanting to be in bed all day, I had a compromised immune system, menopausal and just felt completely emotionally weird and out of control.  My initial visit was an in-depth talk about me.  Dr. Hurley addressed each item on all that paper work you will fill out.  In addition I also chose to have a live blood analysis on my initial visit.  We spent a through 2 hours as she got to know me.  And so the education of myself began......  because of Dr. Hurley's tutelage I now have an expanded knowledge of foods that are the right fit for me, supplements that support my needs and a variety of therapies to help me along the way.  In a nut shell I feel great.  I have also met a various number of other patients while in her office on my visits and each and every one of them have nothing but kind grateful words to share of how Dr. Hurley has helped them.  Most have been also been seeing her for years.  As a new patient I can tell you she has, without a doubt, helped me!  Working with Dr. Hurley has been a partnership, knowing that I would have to do my part too.  After 3 years I can say she is my Doctor and my Friend.  You need to know that there is no quick fix but on this journey, you will begin to feel well in countless ways.

-Tracey, Mooresville NC


My second son was born in 2011.  He is what I considered my "sick child".  From birth he always had health issues.  I always heard things like "he's the 2nd one and catches all the germs from big brother".  Well in 2015 he started having cyclic fevers.  They would come every 4-6 weeks and last for approx 4 days and 4 nights.  At first it was just a fever without any other symptoms, but as the year went on more and more symptoms would show up alongside the fever.  After seeing multiple doctors and disease specialists and receiving no answers, I reach a 'mom breakdown'.  My gut told me to call Dr. Hurley and see what she suggested to do.  I'm so thankful I made that phone call!  We have been going to see Dr. Hurley for a few months and my son has improved so much.  Not only have we seen an improvement in his health but also in his temperament and personality.  Since he feels better he isn't as grumpy and we have more "good" days than bad.  I am so grateful for how everyone at the office has treated us.  He is only 4 and they have lots of patience with him and loved him!

-Jessica, Albemarle NC


How can I ever thank you for all the love you had for Roy and our family during his long battle, if it had not been for all the treatments and advice and love, Roy would not have been with us as long.  (He was diagnosed with prostate, bone and brain cancer in 2004-estimated life of 3-6 months.  Passed December 2012)   Every doctor told us, “We don’t know what you are doing, but whatever it is, don’t stop”.  We know it was your treatments that made the difference.  Roy always told everybody about you helping him with treatments.  Thank you for all you did.  We love you so much.

 -Margo, Locust NC


On March 7 2007 I was diagnosed with cancer and by the Grace of GOD I was led to Dr. Hurley. Facing surgery I started Dr. Hurley’s program.  Now six years later with NO SURGERY, I am doing fine. My medical doctor is amazed. Thanks to GOD and Dr. Hurley                                                

 -Ronnie, Statesville NC

Whether you have a serious illness, a chronic condition, need to lose those extra pounds or are just looking to find a way to good health and longevity, I would highly recommend you check out Hurley Wellness Center and naturopath Lora Hurley. About four years ago I came to Dr. Hurley with high grade prostate cancer. I was offered few options from the mainstream medical community that didn’t involve radiation, chemotherapy or a combination of the two and was given a poor diagnosis in terms of long term survival. Fortunately I embarked on a journey with Dr. Hurley that involved not only a detox program, but hours of one on one educational sessions with her. I basically not only learned the nature of my disease, but learned the whole body techniques for healing myself. It wasn’t easy as I had to basically learn a new way of living, but through Dr. Hurley’s knowledge, love and support I did it and I’m pleased to report that I’m now cancer free without resorting to surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. The big bonus is that I now feel better than I have in twenty years. Thank you Dr. Hurley!                                                                                                              

  -Dennis, Charlotte NC


I have been going to Dr. Hurley for over a year now & I would recommend her to anyone who          wants to get healthy & get off prescription drugs. Dr. Hurley & her staff are wonderful. I can            call and get an answer to a problem that day or they will call back or send me information to            read so I can make a decision. I can't say enough about Dr. Hurley & staff.

 -Pat, Concord, NC

I came in to see Dr. Hurley for severe ailments.  Constant headaches, tight and sore muscles, hot internal body temperature, and chronic fatigue.  Within the first week of following Dr. Hurley's program that she devised for me, I started to notice BIG IMPROVEMENTS!  I have been following the protocol for just three weeks now and feel on the road to optimal health! 

 -Jennifer, Charlotte, NC


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