ZRT Labratory Tri Mercury Test


There are four different types of mercury, which come from different sources, commonly found in the human body: 1)Elemental Mercury, 2) Inorganic Mercury 3) Methyl Mercury and 4)Ethyl Mercury (synthetic form used as anti-fungal that is used on seeds and other things).

If US infants received all of the recommended thimerosal-containing vaccines, they could have been exposed to:


12.5 micrograms (µg) of mercury at birth

62.5 µg of mercury at 2 months 50 µg of mercury at 4 months 62.5 µg of mercury at 6 months 50 µg of mercury at 18 months

TOTALING 237.5 µg of mercury by 18 months of age


If 3 thimerosal-containing influenza vaccines were administered during this 18 months, the total mercury exposure could have been 275 µg of mercury.

Along with Mercury, there can be other metals, glutens, dyes, msg, etc. added to vaccines. Please visit the Centers for Disease Control, or search the internet for ingredients to any medication you are considering before then, making an informed decision as to what you are willing to allow into your body and your loved ones.  When one starts looking, they will be astonished and upset of what is allowed to be put into "medicine". 

Additionally, take time to think about the toxins and metals that can accumulate during a normal life span. 


 Directly testing of the forms of Mercury is called Mercury Speciation testing.

We believe the amalgams off gas from the second that they are placed in a tooth until it is finally removed. Most is swallowed disrupting the fragile micro-biome that is supposed to exist in the gut.  Remember:  The gut is where 60-70% of the immune system is.  There is also nervous system components in the gut which is how metals, toxins, pathogens, and foods can affect the brain at such a rapid rate.

The Mercury Tri test is the ONLY commercial testing facility in the world currently performing Mercury Speciation testing on clinical samples. This analysis uses three matrices: 1) blood, 2) urine and 3) hair.

The Matrices:
1) The Blood Results will give an indication of how much each form of mercury is in your body.
2) The Urine Results will give an indication of your body's ability to get rid of Inorganic Mercury (HgII).
3) The Hair Results will give an indication of your body's ability to get rid of MethylMercury (MeHg).