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Dr. Lora Hurley

Naturopathic & Hyperbaric Clinician

ANCB & ANMCB Board Certified ND

IBUM & HMI Board Certified Hyperbaric Clinician

ASPT Nationally Certified Phlebotomist

Lymphatic Tissue Detoxification Certified

Live & Dry Blood Cell Certified

Dr. Lora Hurley and husband, Doyle Moore also own and operate Celtic Frost Herbs.  They produce hundreds of herbs, vegetable plants, aromatics for pollen and pretty flowers.  Ethically, they only use non-GMO seeds or starter plants and do not use chemicals nor synthetic fertilizers.  In Dr. Hurley's off time she enjoys spending time with her two grandsons, reading, planting in her personal garden, and becoming a published author.

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