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Do you wonder if your genes have something to do with your inability to lose weight? Are you concerned that you may be at risk of certain illnesses because of your family history? Dr. Lora Hurley, ND, CTN, CHP, ICHT, CPT at Hurley Hyperbaric & Wellness Center in Kannapolis, North Carolina, wants to provide answers to your questions and offers genetic analysis based on your genetic raw data, and looks at individual genes and how they affect your health. To learn more about genetics, call the office, or schedule an appointment using the online booking button.

Genes Q & A

What are genes?

Humans inherit 23 chromosomes from their father and 23 chromosomes from their mother giving a total of 46 chromosomes. Chromosomes are made up of genes and genes are nothing more than information to tell your body to do or not to do something.

If Dr. Hurley is looking at a gene, she can get one of four answers. A wild type is a gene that shows no mutation from either parent. A heterozygous gene mutation is inherited from one parent and appears to be missing up to 30 enzymes. Enzymes make things happen. A homozygous gene mutation is inherited from both parents and appears to be missing up to 70 enzymes.

A fourth answer when looking at a gene could be “absent” or missing. Hurley Wellness & Hyperbaric Center offers MTHFR and other genetic evaluations based on your raw genetic data.

What is epigenetics?

Whether a person has a gene that is wild type or mutated, what happens in your life can cause a gene to mutate or to become active or to shut off.  They can be affected by diet, toxins, metals, chemicals, pathogens, aging process or lack of nutrition.

What type of genetic testing is available?

Genetic testing has gained popularity in recent years due to curiosity about ancestry. The pool of genetic material gathered from these types of tests also helps researchers gain even more insight into how genetics may affect health and wellness.

Dr. Hurley may use genetic testing to assess

  • Athletic ability
  • Best diet for healthy weight loss and health
  • Risk of certain health conditions

When coming in for epigenetics and testing, Dr. Hurley maps out your genetic profile at the office so you can see the impact.

Dr. Hurley wants you to take responsibility for your own health and wellness and provides you with the tools and knowledge you need to make smart choices to optimize your health.

What can I do once I know how my genes affect my health?

Once you understand how your genetic profile affects health and wellness, you can take steps to keep certain genes from “turning on.” Dr. Hurley provides you with personalized guidance to help you on your way to wellness.

Your plan may include an exercise program that improves your genetic strengths and prevents the expression of unhealthy genes. You may also benefit from a sleep program that epigenetically benefits your immune system. If you’re genetically at risk of high cholesterol, Dr. Hurley may suggest you limit your alcohol intake to reduce the risk of triggering the gene that inhibits your body’s ability to process cholesterol.

Your genetic profile plays a role in your health, but it isn’t the ultimate decider; you are. Hurley Wellness & Hyperbaric Center wants you to better understand epigenetics and how you can change gene expression by making better choices. For genetic testing, call the office, or schedule an appointment using the online booking button.